In autumn, recover your energy cup by cup

With the arrival of autumn we often feel more tired and strain to balance work and family life.

How can I recover my energy in autumn?

  1. Have a healthy, varied and balanced diet to cover all the energy and nutritional needs of your body.
  2. Try to sleep well and rest for 8 hours every night.

  3. rocura dormir bien y descansar 8 horas cada noche.

  4. Take care of yourself! Find time for yourself, to be with your friends, to go for a walk, to go to the gym, or simply to lie on the sofa reading a good book.

  5. Use plants traditionally used for their energising potential. SUSARÓN Energy Tea, created from green tea, ginseng, guarana, mate tea and mint is the infusion for those who don’t want to slow their pace of life at any time.

What do the ingredients of SUSARÓN Energy Tea provide us?

  • Green tea stimulates the nervous system, as it contains caffeine, and also a diuretic action. Furthermore, the tea contains a type of polyphenol called catechin which provides an anti-oxidant property; that is, it helps to neutralise the damaging capacity of free radicals, which are molecules which encourage cellular ageing.
  • The mint infusion has been used to calm and alleviate heavy digestions since antiquity. Furthermore, it provides a carminative action; that is, the capacity to limit the appearance of gases, as well as their expulsion. Its refreshing flavour makes it greatly appreciated in infusions.
  • Ginseng is a plant originating in Asia, where it has been used in traditional medicine since antiquity. It has been used to help the body adapt to stressful situations and improve its resistance thanks to its invigorating and adaptogen qualities. The ginsenosides (the active ingredient of ginseng) are able to influence different functions of the body, such as response to stress, come actions of the immune system and nervous system. This regulatory capacity allows immunostimulant properties; that is, it may help to keep the body’s defences in a good state. It may be useful in times of stress, asthenia, weakness or mental and physical overload.
  • Guarana is a medicinal plant rich in caffeine, which also contains tannins and flavonoids. The caffeine from guarana shows lasting stimulating activity in the nervous system, as the tannins slow and prolong this activity. Traditionally it has been used to combat mental and/or physical tiredness and is recommended in cases of asthenia and recovery. Guarana extract’s capacity for improving memory and physical state is being investigated.
  • Mate tea is a plant originally from South America, where it is traditionally used to create stimulating drinks due to its caffeine content. It may be useful in times of mental exhaustion or stress.

Enjoy each instant – don’t let tiredness ruin your daily life, and wake up enthusiastic to start the day. Follow our tips and you will see how you regain vitality!